Now Spinning Magazine January 2022 Update

Welcome to Now Spinning Magazine with me Phil Aston
This is the January update and includes news on the Now Spinning Magazine website, Social Media Channels and of course the next developments for this YouTube Channel.

I am very excited about the videos I have planned and a lot of these ideas are thanks to your input and encouragement.

Video Topics to expect in 2022

Unboxing Videos: Box sets / Special editions etc

Classic Albums Revisited: Personal reflections and plus best versions etc

New Music Round-Up: new feature

Top 10, Beginner Guides, Albums Ranked etc : New Feature (I felt it was time I joined the party but with my own style and approach!)

Music Biz News – Building on the success of the CD / Vinyl sales videos. Quite a few Record Labels watch this channel now so I want them to know that there is a growing community here that loves buying and collecting physical music.

Album of the DayNew Feature

Live BroadcastsNew Feature

Patreon Only Video Series

Podcasts with guests and collectorsNew Feature

Collectors DiaryNew Feature

Thank you for supporting me and being part of this global music community.

Phil Aston | Now Spinning Magazine

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