Unboxing Whoosh by Deep Purple – Deluxe Box Set

Unboxing Whoosh the new Deep Purple album.

This video takes a look inside the new super deluxe edition box set. I mention in the video that the lyrics are not included, they are in the CD / DVD booklet!

I will do a full review of the music once I have had a chance to fully digest it. First impressions are that this is their best album in years!

The Box Set Includes

  • Vinyl 2LP with gatefold sleeve and sleeves
  • CD+DVD Media book with lyrics in the booklet,
  • 3x coloured 10inch vinyl singles – These include live tracks recorded in Rio
  • Exclusive T-Shirt (Size XL)
  • 3x art prints – These are on the album cover, single and the Band.

CD Tracklisting

ACT 1:

  • Throw My Bones
  • Drop The Weapon
  • We’re All The Same In The Dark
  • Nothing At All
  • No Need to Shout
  • Step By Step


  • What The What
  • The Long Way Round
  • The Power Of The Moon
  • Remission Possible
  • Man Alive
  • And The Address
  • BONUS TRACK: Dancing In My Sleep.


  • Roger Glover and Bon Ezrin in Conversation filmed at The British Grove, London, in November 2019
  • Deep Purple – Live At Hellfest 2017 (Full live show).

Vinly LP – Tracklisting

  • SIDE A: 1. Throw My Bones 2. Drop The Weapon 3. We’re All The Same In The Dark 4. Nothing At All.
  • SIDE B: 1. No Need To Shout 2. Step By Step 3. What The What.
  • SIDE C: 1. The Long Way Round 2. The Power Of The Moon 3. Remission Possible 4. Man Alive.
  • SIDE D: 1. And The Address 2. Dancing In My Sleep.

10 inch vinyl tracklisting

  • SIDE A: 1. Highway Star 2. Pictures Of Home.
  • SIDE B: 1. Bloodsucker 2. Strange Kind Of Woman 3. Don Airey’s Organ Solo.
  • SIDE A: 1. Lazy 2. Birds of Prey.
  • SIDE B: 1. Don Airey’s Key Solo 2. Perfect Strangers.
  • SIDE A: 1. Space Truckin’ 2. Smoke On The Water.
  • SIDE B: Peter Gunn/Hush

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